Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fishing Lake Cuyamaca (Julian, CA.)

Fishing at Lake Cuyamaca is a great adventure to experience. Not only does the surrounding terrain give you that camping feeling, but the outdoors is present and in full force, with many different birds and animals all around you.
There are many types of fish available to be caught at this lake but the ones that I fish for and am most familiar with are:

 (they also stock Mt.Lassen Trout)

Blue gill

Basic set up for catching all kinds of fish with all kinds of bait




Enjoy this custom map of the lake:
 its been recreated from the ones they give you at the ranger station with more detail and more accurate places to catch that specific type of fish. Please feel free to print it out and have on hand for anyone who plans to fish!

Have an RV or tent? There are camping sites as well as cabins available to rent. Enjoy the outdoors, fishing and hunting without having to take the long drive home. Call ahead and make sure you reserve your spot.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fishing Carlsbad (Carlsbad, CA.)

Surf Fishing:
Surf fishing along the Carlsbad ocean can be very fun. You can use a normal size fishing pole and fish in the shallow surf, or bring a large surf pole to get out as far as you can and hope to catch something bigger than surf perch or croaker. Just because there isn't a pier or you don't have a boat, don't let that stop you from fishing.

Large Perch
Surf Perch

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mt. Lassen Trout

Some of the lakes in the area have started stocking the Mt. Lassen Trout, They are such great fish its worth devoting a whole page to them.

Mt. Lassen Trout
Their fish flesh is red and tasty, containing good protein, fats, and omega 3 oil.

The Lightning Trout is a yellow and red color, and it looks great swimming through the water.  Its also very interesting to catch, especially when you think you have a regular trout on your fishing pole and a lightning trout comes up. Because of the color contrast between the bright fish and the dark water it causes some attention.
The sierra bow looks like a regular trout but also has red flesh inside. The sierra bow is their top breed that they offer for stocking. Because it is full fined it puts up a good fight and is exciting to catch.

Fishing Lake Jennings (Lakeside, CA.)

Lake Jennings is a lake with many different activity options. You can camp, RV, fish, pick nick, and hike.
There is a fee to fish and you also need a fishing license. You can purchase these things at the ranger station/tackle shop or RV/camping check in. You can also rent a boat at the lake or bring your own.

Fish to catch:
They stock this lake with trout and catfish, but you can also catch bluegill, crappie, large mouth bass and the new wipers (White Bass/Striped Bass Hybrid). For fishing tips you can always find information from the rangers, they are happy to tell you what bait or lure is working and which areas to fish.
Night Fishing:
One thing that I like about this lake is there night cat fishing times, you can come during the day for fishing and then stay into the night until midnight for cat fish on the days they allow, all that is required is a full sized lantern. Its great fun especially looking out on the dark lake and seeing all the lanterns lighting up the borders of the lake.

Fishing Loveland Reservoir (Alpine, CA.)

Loveland Reservoir is located in Alpine and can be a good spot for fishing, it opens at 6am. and closes at sundown or whatever time it says on their sign, the time changes during different seasons.  There is no charge to fish at this lake, but you must have a fishing license. There are rangers that maintain the lake, as well as the fish and game.
Once you pull into the parking lot you will see that you have to take your fishing gear and hike a little ways down to the lake. Unlike other lakes you can not park near the water. The hike down is much easier than the hike back up.
Once you have gotten down near the water, at the bottom of the stairs, you can decide where you want to fish. The first decision you make is weather to fish on the right hand trail or the left. If you move to the right you can fish on the little dock they have built or all along the banks until you reach the rock side, then it gets very difficult to keep moving right. If you go left you can also fish along the banks or take another hike all the way around the lake close to the end of the fishing zone. There is more places to fish on the left hand trail but its more walking the farther you go.

Fish to catch:
Once you have found your spot you have the chance of catching crappie, bluegill, carp, catfish, bass, and sunfish. At this lake you can limit out on bluegill if you find the right spot, but you can catch a lot of bass and carp as well. Most people who fish for carp come up with there own mixture of ingredients to make a bait ball to fish with and do quite well.

This lake is close to nature, witch makes it a great looking lake, but you may run into many different animals so be on the lookout.


Some tips I would suggest is to bring a beach umbrella or shade chairs when its sunny out because its hard to find shade when your fishing and can get pretty hot. Bring a jacket with you as well because it may seem like a nice temperature out but when you get to the water it can also get cold.

One downside to this lake is that they drain it every so often witch makes it a longer of a walk to reach the water and not as appealing due to the drier look. Also there is no swimming, boating, or any kind of flotation device allowed on the water.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fishing Crystal Pier (Pacific Beach, CA.)

Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach is one of my most favorite piers. It seems you will always catch at least something here even on a bad day. When I fish crystal pier I always bring my special set up, Shade chairs are a great way to protect you from the sun and gives you a seat instead of standing all day.

Motel and Store:
Once you are on the pier you'll notice there is a motel built in the pier letting you rent a room over the water if you want. As soon as you pass the motel part of the pier you will then see a very small bait and tackle store and the entrance to the fishing area. The bait store is always ran by one guy who must live there because every time I have gone to that pier he is there morning till night. The store carries snacks, drinks, and some bait and tackle, you can also rent a pole from him if you don't want to bring yours or don't have one. The only thing that I wish he would carry is ice.

Fish to catch and spots to fish:
On the pier you can see surfers on the right and swimmers on the left, but the swimmers and surfers aren't allowed near the pier. If you fish close to shore, that is where you will find the perch and croaker, which are great fish to pan fry. Towards the middle of the pier you will still find perch and croaker, but also sardines and mackerel. At the end of the pier you can try for the bigger shark and sometimes yellow tail. All throughout the pier you will find sting ray, shovel nose guitar fish, smelt, lizard fish, halibut and even a small leopard shark here or there. People have caught many different kinds of fish here, but I mentioned the ones that I see the most.
Yellowfin Croaker

If your looking for a place to fish without a boat or fishing license in San Diego, Crystal Pier is the place to be. That's right I said NO FISHING LICENSE, most piers in California do not require you to have a fishing license. So even if you have never fished in your life you can just show up empty handed and rent a pole from the pier store and your on your way to catching a meal.

The only draw back to this pier is that it closes at sundown, unless you are staying in one of the rooms of the motel, then you can fish all night. But just because the pier closes doesn't mean you have to go home, if you have a fishing license you can go surf fishing on the beach.

Going Fishing

The main thing to have when going fishing is the right set up. Even if you don't catch any fish and you have the right set up, you will have fun. Here is what I'm talking about.
Having to stand up all day when fishing can be very tiring, especially when the sun is beating down on you. That is why in my set up i have fold-able beach chairs with a sunshade built in. They even hold up very well when its windy unlike umbrellas, and they are extremely portable. The best time fishing is when your catching fish, but not getting sun burn or having tired legs helps a whole lot. So the next time you are going fishing make sure you are comfortable to achieve the best fishing experience.